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Bodega Chozas Carrascal


Chozas Carrascal is a winery specialising in high-elevation Mediterranean wine production. The essence of a family dedicated night and day to looking after their lands and vineyards, the high-quality work that has gone into wines impregnated with their own personality. A unique way to understand the world of wine, grapes and their cultivation. 

Don’t miss the chance to immerse yourself in the place where it all started. A farm where the vineyards sit alongside almond and olive trees, where you can exchange unique sensations, breathe in the fresh air of the land and learn about the winemaking process.

During your stay you will be accompanied by the best professionals, who will convey their passion for the world of wine and share unforgettable experiences. 
Enjoy an unrepeatable experience that will carry you to a dreamy place!

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Bodega Chozas Carrascal

Open location

Pago Chozas Carrascal. Vereda San Antonio 46390 Requena - Valencia

Polígono catastral 16, parcelas (13 -138).

+34 963 410 395