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Bodegas Cerrogallina


We are located 3 km from our vineyards in Campo Arcís, only a few meters from the village centre. Our vineyards are not very large, but they boast a surprising variety of soils, giving a unique organoleptic richness to our wines. With more than over 90 years of winemaking and thanks to the nature of the soil, our wines offer a great fruity richness, body and balance. We also try to ensure that our wines clearly perceive their varietal characteristics and attributes from the lands of Requena, always true to our philosophy: loyalty to the land, respect for the vineyard and dedication in the production.

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Bodegas Cerrogallina

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+34 676 897 251

Travesía de la industria, nº5
Campo Arcís (46352 Requena) – España