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Bodegas Utielanas


Bodegas Utielanas is the trade name of Utiel Agricultural Cooperative. Founded in 1927, it was established as the result of the joining together and know-how of farmers in the region. It is considered a jewel of Valencian industrial architecture. Today, all of our wines are produced by members of the Cooperative under the Utiel – Requena Designation of Origin. Our wine has a proven quality and goes through rigorous physicochemical and organoleptic controls as required by the Protected Designation of Origin regulatory boards.

Visitors can see our facilities, learn about how we make our wines from the time that the grape enters the winery until it is bottled. We also offer wine tastings teaching you about the nuances of flavours and how to taste them.

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Bodegas Utielenas

Bodegas Utielanas

Open location
96 217 11 57

Cl actor Rambal 31 - 46300 (Utiel) Valencia 


Avda. Marín Lázaro,8  Telf: 630 002 718

Pasaje de la Cl San Fernando, 20 Telf: 655 576 111

46300 Utiel, Valencia