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Bodegas Volver


Bodegas Volver was founded in 2004 by Rafael Cañizares, a trained wine expert and wine producer who followed the family tradition set by more than four generations connected to the world of wine. The aim of the winery is to restock quality Spanish wines, recovering old native variety vines that have been lost because of poor performance or due to a lack of a new generation to pick up the baton.

Enjoy a winery tour and follow the wine production process from grape harvesting through to bottling. Go into the vineyards to learn about the different types of grapes, followed by a tour inside the winery, where you'll see the selection table, tanks, casks, etc. In the Tasting Room you'll have a very pleasant session at the hands of a wine expert as you taste some of their best wines, learn all the guidelines for a good tasting experience and savour local products that pair excellently with the wines.

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Bodegas Volver

Bodegas Volver

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Ctra. Pinoso – Fortuna, 1 03650 Pinoso - Alicante