Ruta del Vino de Castellón

The Wine Route of Castellón; wine tourism in Vilafamés and Les Useres

The interior of Castellon is home to so many beautiful places in each Natural Park, village, castle, field… and lovers of wine tourism can find them at any point of the Castellon Wine Route. Villages born from the vine, dedicated body and soul to making wine since time immemorial, that offer visitors the opportunity to discover their carefully prepared wines.

Gastronomy, culture and nature are brought together by wine in specialist tourist routes that visitors can enjoy with family and friends, staying in hotels that form part of the fabric of each village.

One of them, the charming village of Vilafamés, famous for being one of the most beautiful in Spain, is ideal for visitors who want to see one of the most prestigious wine cellars of the province in the company of a guide who will fill out the visit with information about how the vines are cared for and how the local wine is made. This beautiful village has the added attraction of a wide range of hotels and accommodation to choose from: from luxurious medieval style mansions with beautiful views of the walls and vertical gardens, to wine cellars converted into hotels for an overnight stay in intriguing surroundings.

      Jardín Vertical                    

The streets of Vilafamés are bewitching. Visitors are surrounded by vegetable gardens, vineyards, almond orchards and the hospitable locals. A perfect location for those who love a cultural get away combined with nature. Not to be missed is a visit to the truly amazing Roca Grossa on the way up to the castle to admire the views from the heights and breathe the pure air.

      Bodegas Mayo García

The local gastronomy is another must. It's made up of traditional dishes made with local products that combine perfectly with the delicious wines of the region. Stews, tombet (traditional baked vegetables), paella, charcoal-grilled meat with all i oli (garlic mayonnaise) and fruit cultivated down on the plain are all delicious and widely appreciated. There are also all kinds of sweet dishes and pastries, including almond pastries, cristines (cream buns), pastissos de boniato (pastries filled with sweet potato) and the unique coc de farina (sponge cake). Restaurants, bars and hotels all serve these delicacies, alongside exquisite signature dishes that will leave even the most demanding palate satisfied.

Waking up in this village, enjoying the peace and quiet typical of rural life is definitely the best way to disconnect from daily routine and stress.

Close by Vilafamés is the village of Les Useres. Wine lovers are sure to visit the two cellars that form part of the municipality. Wine tasting, sampling of local products and delicious gastronomic experiences to delight the most discerning wine tourist. The hiking routes in Les are also a wonderful opportunity to see the beautiful spots that surround the village on trails that pass next to gardens and canals that invite the visitor to discover more about the cultural resources the area has to offer.

       Bodega Les Useres                    

Traditional mountain cuisine is still the hallmark in any visit to Les Useres, where once again you can try tombet, or stewed kid slowly cooked over an open fire. Smoked and cured meats, fresh tomatoes and honey, all made with the flavours of yesterday and all of high quality, are the stars that will most attract the true gourmet. The most representative sweet dishes of this village are orelletes con miel (pancakes with honey) figues albardaes (sponge cakes stuffed with figs), buñuelos (fried dough fritters) and coca con gallos (sweet pastries). Combining these local handmade products with the wines of the region makes for a complete wine-tourism experience.

       Bodegas Barón D'Alba